Christian Hypocrites?

chTo those who look at christians and won’t have anything to do with them or church because they think we are all a bunch of hypocrites. It’s true, no one is perfect and does everything they say they will, christians and non-believers alike. That is humanity, we all don’t measure up to the standard, but that is what the gospel is all about. Jesus meeting us where we are at and lifting us up with his grace, mercy, love, forgiveness and hope. Don’t use that as an excuse to not believe or to not go to church. People aren’t perfect and christians alike are still trying to get it together too, we all have ups and downs, but God in his faithfulness will stay true to you. Look and trust in Jesus’ faithfulness rather than trusting in what other “christians” are acting like. Look and trust in God’s word and love, rather than judging God by imperfect people. Don’t use the excuse I won’t go to church because there are hypocrites there, since when did that become a real thing, I’m sure you don’t say I’m not going to the bar, because there are hypocrites there, I’m not going to the mall to shop because there are hypocrites there. A word to you is to look to Jesus and not the christian person, because just like you, we fail, we fall, we make mistakes, we don’t act as we should all the time, we could never be perfect, but Jesus has come to be the link between us and God, come to give freely salvation to those who ask from him forgiveness and grace for this life.

As christians, when we fall, get back up again and trust God as we endure life and hardships, he will be your grace and strength in your weakness. The Bible even says the righteous will fall seven times daily but he will get back up again. He will keep moving forward toward Jesus. It doesn’t mean you go screwing up on purpose, but it means when you do, you get back up and keep your gaze on Jesus above all else.

7 thoughts on “Christian Hypocrites?

  1. Jon, all good points. I know many people who have disposed of the churchgoing experience altogether because of the human, institutional element of religion, and have come close to doing it myself at times. I do get how some people get to the point of having had enough, not just of hypocrisy, but full-on arrogance and even hostility. Everyone is on a spiritual journey whether they realize it or not, and eventually, their soul’s latent desire to unite with the divine will reveal itself – even though it might take many years to get there. Maybe even on their deathbed. As long as the flame doesn’t go completely out. Thanks for your piece.

    • Thanks for your response! Yeah If you find yourself in a place that you feel isn’t a home church for you, I would suggest keep looking around and pray about it. Community of believers, I believe is important in our walk of faith and God established the “assembling together of ourselves”, People to encourage you, pray for you, be there for you. I understand sometimes we don’t always get that automatically while being in a church, but I do believe it is a decision to go and to follow Jesus, even though not always easy, in good times and bad, it’s your decision. In harder times I believe we need it even more. If there is arrogance and hostility over-whelmingly where you are rooted, I would talk to the Pastor about it, and maybe even look for a new home. Keep the faith brother! -Jon

  2. Thank you for this post Jon. What you are saying about other people using Christians as an excuse is true and unfortunate. It is Christ they should be looking for. However, the scripture does expect the Christian to act Christ-like. Not to say that we will not fall, but we do need to concede that many a times, we really do not “look” Christian. And some never look Christians, and because of that we fail to be those “lights” in the world that God has called us to. But at the end of the day, I really would like to know whether those who criticize Christians have opened the bible themselves. Thanks for this post and keep fighting for the Kingdom brother!

    • thanks for the response. Yes it is a broad subject and I do believe we are to be a light as Christians. I do my best by God’s grace and strength. I think it’s important to let those people know that just like them we are human, God is changing us daily to be more like Christ, but it is a process. And just like them we are undeserving, but yet a loving and merciful God gave us salvation and that it is for everyone who wants to accept it. 🙂 Keep the faith brother! -Jon

  3. ‘Look and trust in Jesus’ faithfulness rather than trusting in what other “Christians” are acting like’ I cannot get passed this sentence!! If I don’t know Jesus and the Jesus in you is the only Jesus I have ever met than what will compel me to want to know Him in any other way!! If you advise me to see a certain doctor and all I see is the damage he’s doing to you why would I even want to meet him in any other way!! Yes I am a christian hypocrite no doubt and your right were not perfect but I believe that’s the saddest fact..! We try to tell or show others that were better than them!! Or we’re heaven bound and they are hell bound but we behave the same we just cover up and they do it openly!! So what am I saying??? Well we just need to never forget as Christians it is Christ righteousness that saves us and our righteousness is as filthy rags!! Dirty stuff!!! If we lived like the fortunate humbled souls we really are then the hypocrite conversation wouldn’t be a conversation!! I believe at the root of a hypocrite lies a heart of pride! Lord help me with my pride!

    • I agree, a lot of Christians may ruin it for a number of non-believers, the whole point is that even in our redemption, we are still humans that mess up and we can’t live perfect lives, in essence, we are hypocrites. Non believers will call it that. We, as Christians know that there is grace and power working in us to make us stronger and to move on from mistakes and that we are forgiven, but non believers do not know that because they have not experienced his goodness. The Holy Spirit convicts the sinner, and hopefully we as Christians aren’t so horrible that it taints the example we try to set when following Jesus. I don’t believe we should try and show and tell others that we are better than them, rather we are just like them, undeserving of God’s grace, love and mercy. We all have fallen short, let any who is without sin cast the first stone kinda thing. haha if my response made any sense, I kinda just rambled, but yeah. There are a number of different perspectives we can take on this and I didnt want to write a book about all of them, so I just addressed non-believers to not use the excuse of hypocrites when deciding to look into Jesus, rather to look to Jesus and judge for yourself. Thanks for your input! -Jon

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