Keep Standing

keep standingA lot of times people have faith enough to get things going and to follow God right off the bat and for a while, but then we lose faith when we begin to not see results right away. But when u r believing for something that God has told u to believe for I encourage u to keep standing in faith and putting your hand to it, if God said it then u will be so blessed when u see the outcome. Stand strong through the circumstances or when things seem stagnant because God is working it out. I heard it said that people quit digging 3 feet before they reach gold. Dont quit, stand strong and keep pressing towards God and your vision. God will work it out.

Promise, Process, Payoff. Not all of God’s promises come instantly when we pray. We see God’s promises in the Bible and what he did for others, We begin a process of standing on God’s word in faith (do not let your faith go, but believe beyond what circumstances and what you can see that God’s word is true), and in God’s timing you will see the payoff for why God did it in His timing and not your own. #Trust #Faith

Faithful Prayers

faithful prayersPrayers of faith to God concerning your life should be not just prayers but us moving in action in the direction of your prayers. For example to be debt free – get out the check books, balance them, cut back where u can etc. Prayers for God to reach people in your city – get out there and love, serve and invite them to church. Prayers to experience God and his presence daily – daily spend time with God, prayer time, worship time, devotion time. Simple yet true! Let God put some Super to your Natural. Continue to work with God and by his word in the midst of your faith-filled prayers. Faith works with our actions.

God will move mightily the same way he did in the bible. All the Hall of Faithers (Hebrews 11). Obeyed God and their faith moved them to action! Take whatever situation you have going on that you are believing God for and starting acting towards it, start moving towards it, believe God according to his will. It’s not praying to God for a million dollars or that you will lose 50lbs automatically, but it is praying to God according to his purpose and his plan and his will. That is a key. Praying according to his will and for his purpose in your life! 🙂