Who Am I

zoolander doneToday I want you to ask yourself “Who am I”? As believers a lot of the time we can get caught up in all the big name pastors, evangelists, missionaries and churches. We can find ourselves dreaming of one day being like that person or having a ministry like theirs. I want to encourage you that it is good to dream big, after all God can do more than we ask or think and his plans and ways are higher than ours, but it is also very important that we don’t lose sight of what God has already done in our lives, what he is currently doing in our lives and what he may have planned for our lives. We need to realize that we may be right where we need to be, especially if you know that you having been seeking God and his kingdom first in your life. If we are truly seeking God’s kingdom first, then we are where we are supposed to be. We can’t be afraid of the “whys” and the “hows”, you follow after God, his word, and his spirit, then God will guide you step by step where you need to be. You may be the only person that can reach that relative of yours that no preacher ever could, you may be that blogger that shines a light so bright and real that can reach someone across the globe to a person who has never heard about God in the way you write, you may be that good example in this world to a child who gets inspired to follow after God and do great things all because he or she looked up to you. Who are you? You are a light, you are an example, you are a disciple, you are God’s child, you are a witness to the world, you are the only Jesus some people may ever experience because of Christ’s love through you. You may not be called to be that mega church pastor or that evangelist that travels the world, but you are who God called you to be, and it’s important that we realize God has a plan for our lives and that we can really truly walk that out daily by seeking God’s kingdom daily and following the leading of his spirit. Seeking God and following after his plan for your life, seeking God and finding some small outlet to be used in any way you can, whether that be at church in any way, whether that be being a team leader and example, whether that be using your social media to be a positive light in this negative world. God has a plan for you, you are a Somebody in God’s eyes, you were made just the way he wanted you, so use “Who you are” and your personality and your skills and your drive to pursue God and to pursue being a light to the world. BE YOU!!!

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

My challenge to you today is, Realize that God has you right where he wants you. It is up to you to seek him daily and find outlets to be a light! I challenge you to get involved, make a difference where no one else has stepped up. Be the best possible you you can in God’s eyes and follow him!

26 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. Hi Jon, I learnt a long time ago that I had to drop my mask and be myself. It wasn’t pretty, but God was able to heal me through counselling and it began with me being myself. Keep up the powerful blogs. God Bless, Mike.

  2. Hi Jon,
    You sound like me! You sound like a real “human” Christian. I can really, really, relate. I have a lot to overcome. I write about being a human Christian who struggles along as best as she can.
    love to you,
    robin claire

  3. Amen Jon. Thanks for following me! You might like the “Who Am I” I wrote on another one of my wordpress blogs. Check it out when u have time. http://PromiseBook.net It’s right on the main page here when u click on the link. Without God, we are nothing..but in Him, we are so much. God bless you!

  4. I will warn you in advance…I have several authors I invited to be part of the Vine, and we make a lot of posts some days…so if that bothers you in any way, you might want to adjust your settings. Thanks, by the way, for following, and God bless you! !♥

      • 😉 You’re welcome. It’s a news website, so, as I’m sure you can imagine, since something seems to happen just about every day this past year, there are frequent posts. I know there is a way to adjust your follow settings to where you don’t receive a notification for every post. If you received a confirmation email, you might want to go back to it, if you haven’t already deleted it, and adjust that. Some people get really upset about that stuff.

  5. This is perfectly wonderful, greatly encouraging. Whatever my “destiny”, God tells me the same thing every morning: “just do what I put in your hands to do today–just that, no more, and don’t worry”. God bless you Big–love, sis Caddo

  6. Hi Jon, I share your views because I know that we all are God’s instruments so we need not all open churches. The social networks have given Christians an opportunity to spread the word of God and I tell you, it ain’t easy mentioning God in a world where the name Jesus or God is not trendy. But for the fact that we as Christians can, is enough for us to accept that we are playing our own small roles in evangelism. Thanks for the post.

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