Learning to Learn Again

Today I am going to talk to you about being aware that we are human and we are imperfect. We are people who may think we have it all figured out, yet everyday we are learning something new. Some of us get stuck in a rut, stuck in our ways of life without any question of “Who am I, Who is God, What does God want from me, What in my life isn’t working out quite right, How can I be a better person, Does God require a change in my life, Does God require a change in the way I think, Am I going anywhere, Is this all there is, What can I do better”, and so on and so on. Ask yourself “Do I think I have this all figured out?”. Do you find yourself being hard as a rock in what you believe, how you act, in where you are going in life or do you let yourself be led by God’s spirit and let God correct you and let the Spirit teach you.

Isaiah 64:8 “And yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand.”

I believe that yes we are to stand firm in what we believe in, but we are also to realize that we may not know it all, because believe me none of us know it all. If you think you know it all, bravo for having all of life and the deepest depths of God and his word all figured out. The truth is, if we are sincere people, we know that we are sooooo far from having it all figured out, but we are always seeking God and his ways and listening to his voice and what he truly wants from us. We are to be clay and to let God mold us daily into what he wants. Let your heart be receptive to God and to his voice. Learn to understand that there are things in your life that God may want to mold, but if you are as stubborn as a rock, you refuse to be changed by God in that area of your life. You may be older in years in life and think you have seen all there is to see and you absolutely “KNOW” what God’s word says so you refuse to believe God may have some corrections for you in your life, and when you refuse to even think that there is a possibility you are wrong, you are going to stay stuck and be stagnant, not bearing any fruit for God.

“I know one thing, that I know nothing.”   -Socrates

A good saying, We are mere flawed, imperfect human beings. Who are we to think we know it all. Yes we should be striving everyday to learn to know God and his ways more. We should be learning to learn and relearn and become clay and let God shape us. We need to not be that stubborn hard as a rock person set in their ways, because that leaves no room for God’s spiritual growth in your life, or growth in your relationship with God, or growth in God’s call for your life.

James 4:6 “…God opposes the proud
but favors the humble.”

If you have that pride in your life, that know it all mentality, God opposes that. God can’t work with you or on you, if you refuse to humble your ego and humble yourself. It may be a tough thing for us to admit, maybe I am wrong, or maybe I don’t know it all, but trust me it is better than being stuck in a rut your whole life, never growing or going anywhere. Let go of your pride and humble yourself. Learn to be humble and sensitive to God’s voice in your life. Learn to understand that correction in your life or how you think everything is supposed to be is a good thing, it is a “God thing”. God wants us to be humble, so that we can learn and grow and so that he can mold us or help us if we need it. Learn to self-evaluate and ask yourself the questions we said in the first paragraph, to see if there are things God may want to shape into your life.

My challenge for you today is to do just that. Ask yourself, have I been so prideful in what I believe, in how I act, in how I treat others that this is not what God truly wants from me. Have I been the type of person that God can teach or do I think I have it all figured out? I challenge you to put your pride down and humble yourself and to sincerely look to God in prayer and ask him what can I change, how do you want to mold me and what do you want to shape differently in me today? And then when you hear God’s voice, humble yourself and walk in the light of his word and his voice.

7 thoughts on “Learning to Learn Again

  1. In my mid 30s and ive come to realize how boring and pointless life us without remaining humble and teachable. I always want to empand my heart and mind in the mysteries of God. Always, I mean daily!

    • I want to empand my heart and mind as well daily 😉 haha, We should always be ‘Willing’ to to be moldable and shapeable by God even if that means relearning everything from scratch or just simply adjusting some small simple things

  2. Humble yourself therefore,(beneath the powerful and) mighty hand of God, so that He may exalt (and elevate) you up in due time, (and in the proper season): IPeter 5:6 (The High Definition King James Version of the New Testament). This is the scripture I stand upon when I am being corrected by God. I know all of Gods corrections are good for me and only cause growth and stability.

  3. WOW! What a great post and great questions to be asking ourselves! I came over here just to thank you for stopping by my blog today and following it, but I am leaving very blessed! Thanks for the challenge!

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