We should realize, and I know it is tough to realize, God has a mission and a call for you everyday. We need to learn to listen to his voice, but also let his light unto our feet lead us, his word. He has a specific call for us, yes, but he also has a general will for us as believers, and that is to “GO”. Go into the world and make disciples and to show people what God is all about, Loving God and Loving People. God wants you to get this in your head and heart, so you recognize this truth daily.

Life is not all about us and what God can do for us. We are to be agents of God’s grace and not just receivers of God’s grace anymore. We, believers, are the only hope of spreading the glory of God to the ends of the earth. You have it in you to change your city, to change the world. Believe, that if God put an inkling in your heart, that it isn’t to far fetched, that it isn’t to big of a dream. God put it there because, with his help, all things are possible. His ways are higher than your ways. I can guarantee that all of us, including me, have not even come close to what God is calling us to. Well, let me change that, I know a lot of Christians and Pastors and Missionaries, etc, are fulfilling their call in an excellent way, so props to them! But for the rest of us, we need to come to realize, that this is real, and the time is now. You may think you are not ready, you may be scared, but God is your strength, and God is with you!

1 thought on “Go

  1. totally agree.. and blogging really is one great way to reach society today.
    speaking of. on sept 26, i am co-hosting a VLOG link up where we share our testimony in under 5 minutes… you should join in bro!!

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