Plan B

What do you do in life when your dreams are shattered? What do you do in life when life isn’t going according to plan? What do you do when God doesn’t show up for you the way you thought he was going to show up for you? Everyone of us in different times and different seasons are faced with things that we didn’t expect. The dream that we had, the plan that we had seemed like it was right there, but at the same time it seemed like it was slipping away.

Plan A is the plan that we have for ourselves. For some of you it’s to be a mom, to get that promotion, go get in to that college, to accomplish certain goals we have set out for ourselves. Plan A is always somewhere in our comfort zone, something that we know we can handle.

But what I want to talk to you about is Plan B. A lot of times in life we find ourselves in situations that we feel we don’t deserve. Sometimes our Plan A isn’t working out and not because of anything we have done wrong. We want to have things all under control, but life throws us a curve ball and maybe you didn’t get the promotion, maybe you didn’t make it into the school you wanted, maybe life isn’t turning out the way you thought it would be and you can’t figure out why God would let this happen, I mean it is your Plan A. But God may have another plan for you, a Plan B. Plan B may be something that you don’t have the skill set for, you don’t have the know how for, it may be something that requires more patience than you have. God’s plan may be Plan B. We have to realize that a lot of times God’s plan is going to require more than what you can give. It is going to require things that you can’t do on your own strength. God will set before you a Plan B that may be impossible on your watch, but we have to remember that “God is with us”, the same way he was with Joshua leading the people across the Jordan River. I’m sure they were complaining and thought this is impossible, this wasn’t in the plan. But with God with them, He made it possible, God gave Joshua specific instruction on how to do it. It is the same way with us, Our Plan B maybe something that you can’t do on your own and it requires a spiritual risk taking on your part, it requires for you to lean on God and put your trust in God as if He is actually with you.

We read in the Bible that God will never give you more than you can handle, right?…Wrong, it is actually the opposite. God gives us things that we can’t handle on our own strength, on our own ability, with our own talent and plan. Paul says in 2 Cor. 12:9 “That His strength is made perfect in my weakness”. God gives us a plan not to handle on our own, but a plan that makes us depend on Him and his strength and ability. When we realize that our Plan B is God’s plan and that we need him to accomplish anything worth living for, that is when we start walking with God and start walking with God’s power and ability working with us. Whether it be raising 4 kids, holding down a job and finding time to spend alone with Him or Becoming the next Revivalist to lead thousands to Christ. God has the skill set, ability, and strength that we don’t have. We need to start relying on Him and his ability and go with his Plan B for our lives.

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